During the process of the absorption and innovation of new technology, EEB has formed comprehensive industrial advantages of normal speed and high speed railway traction power supply system, integrated with design, research, manufacturing, installation, and operation & maintenance; fully grasped high speed electrified railway’s design & construction technology system and integration management system; comprehensively mastered development & manufacture technologies of key products of high speed railway traction power system; built a technical platform of high speed railway traction power system with complete intellectual property rights in China; accumulated abundant experience and technology for promoting reconstruction of large scale existing electrified railway with high quality and efficiency; grasped professional technology of railway communication, signaling and disaster prevention systems as well as constructional technology of subgrade, bridge, tunnel, track work etc.
While developing the electrical & mechanical technology consisting such subsystems as traction power supply, electricity, communication and signaling, EEB accelerates the development of such business sectors as civil work, industrial and civil architecture, manufacturing, operation & maintenance and has completed the construction of civil works for Beijing-Shijiazhuang, Tianjin-Qinhuangdao and Zhengzhou-Xi'an high speed railways in which it achieved a historical breakthrough and leap. Some landmark buildings were built by EEB such as the dispatching building of the Ministry of Railways, reconstruction of Hankou railway station, Huzhou new railway station and Tangshan railway station, symbolizing a new level of production & business scale and technical management of building and architecture. EEB grows up rapidly in operation and maintenance business with a total length more than 10,000km, which makes it become an enterprise entrusted with the longest line for management & maintenance service in China. To promote real estate, we have successfully established more than 10 medium to large scale projects, with which it becomes our new mainstay of our company.
EEB actively implements the strategy of “going global” and successively completed the design, manufacture and construction work of subway or railway in Hong Kong, Iran, Belarus, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and many other regions and countries, where EEB won both domestic and overseas recognitions and compliments.