Congratulations on Bid Winning

Date:2015-05-19  Author:  Source:International Engineering Corporation  Hits:8452

On May 5th, good news was delivered from the overseas market development of our company. In the form of a consortium, we, together with NORINCO International Cooperation Ltd., won the bidding of Golbahar-Mashhad Electrified Railway Project in Iran (EPC+F) at one stroke and became its general contractor of financing, design, procurement, manufacturing supervision, construction & installation and commissioning. Total amount of contract is 299 Million Euro; there into, we take up 100 Million Euro (Approx., RMB 770 Million).

Golbahar-Mashhad Electrified Railway Project is a newly built suburban railway electrification project with double-track and standard-gauge. The overall length of the main line is 40 km, including 3.5 km underground part. The specialities for 4 stations cover Traction Power Supply, Electricity,Communication, Signaling, SCADA, BAS, FAS, FES, AFC, HVAC, Escalator & elevator, OCC and Depot.

Currently, while the government takes the initiative to promote a national strategy of “One Belt One Road”, domestic industries related to railway engineering attach great importance on “Going Out” of Chinese high-speed rail which is a significant part of this strategy. In the meantime, our Company elevates internationalized business to the unprecedented degree during the implementation ofNew “Five & Four” Strategy. As a window unit of our Company’s overseas engineering, International Engineering Corporation not only assumes responsibilities to realize “Going Out” development strategy and build an international brand for China Railway Electrification, but brings forth new development ideas. In addition, it cultivates overseas markets as well and gains splendid achievements successively in four regional markets such as Middle-East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Finally, the Company achieves such an excellent situation in which a balanced development between “Navigate with a Borrowed Boat” and “Navigate by Sailing a Boat” have been obtained gradually.